Alhambra // The Jewel of Granada

The Alhambra, a 13th/14th century Muslim palace citadel and one of the most visited places in Spain, I was very excited to go back after remembering my first visit there as a child.  Alhambra is named after its red walls (in Arabic) and it was conveniently built on top of the hill al-Sabika with a view over the whole old city of Granada.  The Alhambra’s influence of Nasrid architecture brings together the Spanish (andalusian) and Islamic (moorish) style, creating uniquely romanticised spaces.  Inside, the walls of the Nasrid palaces are full of calligraphic decoration, with many writings and poems in arabic language.  You can read in much more depth about the history of the Alhambra here.  With so many details to admire in all directions, my only disappointment of the visit is that you do not have longer than your 30 minute time slot within the palaces- definitely make the most of your limited time.  You can however, freely wander around the rest of the grounds for as long as you like.  Generalife gardens is also not to be missed, look out for the diversity of its flowers, plants and fountains.  The grounds can get extremely busy, so you’re best visiting super early in the morning or later into the early evening to avoid the crowds!

(Tip: Make sure you book your ticket in advance or you could miss out as limited tickets are sold per day- you can book up to 3 months prior to your visit and pre-order here)

Granada itself is a beautiful city… I should point out that the whole area is quite hilly so prepare to build up your leg muscles during your trip!  The Albayzín is a popular neighbourhood to experience the city’s ancient centre, where you can get lost down narrow streets and taste the flavours of Morocco!  So if you still haven’t visited Morocco- now’s your cheating chance.  Drink mint tea poured from a fancy silver teapot, enjoy a vegetable tagine with couscous and practice bartering for some good souvenirs.

Here’s some of my photos from this weekend!  I hope you like them!

Granada views from above
Looking out the windows in Generalife
Nasrid details
With my best travel buddy
Grand entrances
Moroccan shopping in Granada
It’s Spring!
Version 2
The Sierra Nevada landscape
Peeking out
Generalife gardens
IMG_8540 2
Moroccan food
Door details
Palace views
Architectural elements
Ceiling details
Perfect morning view
Arches and columns
Granada’s souks
Old town

Have you been to Granada?  Tell me about your experience!

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22 year old adventurer, designer and earthling

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